Spectrum – Foundation for ophthalmological researchSpectrum – Foundation for ophthalmological research

The private Spectrum Foundation was founded in an inspiring way by Dr. Peter Maloca, Lucerne, Switzerland, to thank you and to give back to the community something extraordinary and to help those in need who are less fortunate in life - be it humans or animals!

Good eyes for good vision!

Spectrum – Foundation for ophthalmological research is a non-profit foundation committed to gentle and practical eye research for the benefit of humans and animals. Our mission is to keep the eyes healthy in order to achieve the greatest possible independence and quality of life. 

The development of new instruments and analysis software is supported by highly motivated and experienced researchers. In our projects, we also support talented young researchers, especially in Switzerland. 

Thanks to our international cooperation, the quality is very high and the results from the supported research are published in prestigious journals. The advisory board is made up of internationally renowned people.
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